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BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an extensive term that is referred to as outsourcing in all business fields. It involves toning of operations and responsibilities of specific business processes to a third-party service provider, selected based on defined and measurable performance criteria.

A BPO firm applies existing technology in a brand new way to improve a business function. BPO is one of the fastest-growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) BPO-Img 2and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) are some of the sub-segments of the BPO industry. Some of the well-known BPO Services offered by industries are:

  • Support Services
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Data Entry and Data Processing Services
  • Data Conversion Services (OCR)
  • Book Keeping and Accounting
  • Form Processing Services

The BPO industry is typically categorized into Back Office outsourcing – comprising internal business functions like HR, Finance, etc and Front Office outsourcing – which incorporates Tele-calling related support services.

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Importance of Back Office Operations in Success and Growth of a Business:

The back office is nothing but where most of the core operations of any company take place. The Front office directly deals with clients and customers whereas the back office deals mostly with manufacturing, researching, and administrative tasks that retain technical equipment and internet presence.

Back Office has now become an integral part of the overall operational growth of every company. The skills and technical expertise of back-office operators contribute tremendously to the operational growth and expansion of any business. And nowadays it would be really impossible for companies to sustain for years in the business arena without the help of efficient back-office support.


Proper CRM – Back Office operations are extensively dynamic where the client’s requirements change time and time again so becomes very tough for customization because of huge time and incurring cost.

BPO-Img 4High Attrition Rate – Due to excessive workload and tedious work nature attrition rate in this industry is very high. Hence creates a huge problem as training new hires imply time criticality and a high-cost proposition.

Scalable Issues – Sudden demands of skilled manpower and resource accommodation is another alarming constraint. A huge infrastructural cost to add more man power into the process become unfeasible to scale up the business and eventually turns into a big loss for the company.


Oasis Inventor is the best fit solution for the Back Office industry which can overcome all sorts of challenges and increase overall work efficiency by successful employment of manpower triggered by the right kind of technology. We have been BPO-Img 5able to build long-lasting ongoing relationships with our clients based on our high-quality BPO Services, trust, and confidence.

As a Back-Office company, Oasis Inventor IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully crafted a niche for itself with its seasoned management and flexible operational team at the core.

We operate in combination with a highly sensitive process-centric approach, boosted by an unparalleled track record of seamless process migration and reliable high-quality service delivery, which all make a perfect recipe to position us uniquely across diverse industry verticals globally.

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We always combine our technical expertise with in-depth research and analytic, business process risk services, and consulting services to deliver a broad suite of offerings to our valuable clients and end customers.

Our in-depth industrial knowledge-base and process nitty-gritty enable us to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to help our client in achieving high business efficiencies. Our global culture is characterized by our sense of accountability, innovation, excellence, urgency, integrity, and respect.

Key Attributes to Lift Your Business Growth via BPO Services :

Domain Set – Ready to Fire: – Our leadership team encapsulates extensive technical and industrial experience to ensure you with unmatched understanding and insight into the business.

BPO-Img 7Sustained Process Excellence: – Constantly driven by the urge of reducing defects in business operations we put extra effort into continuous incremental business improvements importance to ensure true quality BPO Services to our clients.

Infrastructure: – Our operational units have been designed perfectly with the latest technology and robust infrastructure to attract the best talent pools in assuring world-class BPO services uninterruptedly.

Information Security:Our data security policies comply with international standards for optimal management of various security metrics including personnel, physical, systems, and facility.

Thus we guarantee our clients high degree of professionalism, support service, and technical expertise.

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  • Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream We ensure that only best brains are make into our team.
  • Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Have more than 1000 clients globally, and been able to quench their thrust of high quality work.
  • Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our CSR is an ongoing journey to create knowledgeable job opportunities among unemployed educated youths to become economically independent.
  • Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Check our DNA, you may have a droplet of our iron determination and magical work culture.
  • We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines Time is Money – so we streamline all our energies to meet client’s strict deadlines
  • Quality Reflects Our Reality Quality Reflects Our Reality Our client testimonials symbolize our true identity.
  • Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Proven track record of serving 1000+ clients globally on track to have more and ignites our strong desire of constant improvement.

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