Career-Img-1An organization is always seeking for the right talent to drive its business objectives, on the Career-Img-2reverse side people are looking for the right kind of job and working environment to grow and achieve their career goals.

The moment you step into ‘Oasis Inventor’, you can sense a pleasant friendly environment where you can blossom your career goals. You will be surely greeted with a joyous feeling of being at the right place, driven by infinite growth opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge technologies as well as learning possibilities.
Employees are our treasure assets and we firmly believe in providing homely atmosphere Career-Img-3where they can easily explore their knowledge required to grow professionally. We work hard to assure a challenging and exciting career path to our employees.

We believe in ethics, excellence and commitment and constantly encourage individual contributions. We aggressively invest in proper training and technologies to assure people the command to progress themselves and influence our business to forward side by side.


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“Life is motion – full of energy and opportunity!”