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Real EstateOasis Inventor IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. presents an industry leading solution to help Real Estate Companies in turning challenges into opportunities. The software for real estate industries is specially designed to meet all needs of both Real Real-Img2Estate Agent (Dealer) and Real Estate Developer (Builder). This enables both dealers and agents keeping track of their customers and sub-agents, tracking payment record, and keeping record of commissions, etc.

This software solution enhances communication between you and your customers and helps you to manage your business more steadily. Moreover, the package is fully customized so you can easily modify the features as per your needs.

We combine industry domain knowledge with in-depth, specialized technical expertise to help our customers leverage information technology and achieve measurable business impact.

Our software package encapsulates a diversified set of modules in skillfully monitoring immediate cost, revenue and productivity information for projects like:

  • Design Architecture: – Assists in layout planning and structural designing.
  • Sales: – Helps in product sailing.
  • Account Administration: – Monitoring Credit and Debit Accounts associated with MIS Reports.


  • Purchase and Store Maintenance: – Handling store management with inventory.
  • Documents Maintenance: – Databases for receipts, tax and audit reports maintenance etc.
  • Legal: – Administration of all legal matters accords to the proper compliance of law.

Besides, our tailor-made cutting edge software solutions encompass some other services like:

  • Overall project management
  • Facilities management
  • Automated sales and service process
  • Getting constant updates and reports on sales and cash flows
  • Homebuilder CRMReal-Img4
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Enterprise Legacy Migration
  • Managed IT Infrastructure Services
  • Keen monitoring to convert prospective buyers into orders
  • Focus on enhancing company brand value through excellent high quality service
  • Registering customers complaints into a single platform

We lend a helping hand in spinning your ideas into reality. Thereafter understanding your sales & marketing strategies we aim to bring a solid foundation of tools, knowledge and experience in ensuring quality service cost-effectively.


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  • Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream We ensure that only best brains are make into our team.
  • Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Have more than 1000 clients globally, and been able to quench their thrust of high quality work.
  • Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our CSR is an ongoing journey to create knowledgeable job opportunities among unemployed educated youths to become economically independent.
  • Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Check our DNA, you may have a droplet of our iron determination and magical work culture.
  • We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines Time is Money – so we streamline all our energies to meet client’s strict deadlines
  • Quality Reflects Our Reality Quality Reflects Our Reality Our client testimonials symbolize our true identity.
  • Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Proven track record of serving 1000+ clients globally on track to have more and ignites our strong desire of constant improvement.

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