Business Model

Our Business Approach:

Business ModelAt “Oasis Inventor”, business model is nothing but a constant endeavor of operational excellence, which is basically a crux of every single thing we do enthusiastically. Our value chain – Study, Evolution, Soothe and Excel – culminates well with our quality service delivery notion. We power on our domain expertise and comprehensive methodologies to guarantee flawless IT operations. Then on applying cohesive standard methodologies we diminish inefficiencies and improve productivity on an uninterrupted basis, hence assist our client’s business to run optimally.

Our approach begins with thorough analysis after completely understanding our client’s requirements and objectives so that we can devise proper solutions which can match their expectations and obviously can deliver real benefits as soon as possible.

Here we have clearly depicted our business model using the following key attributes:-


Domain Expertise:

  • Picking Right Person against the Right Jobs.
  • Proactively Adapt & Customized with the latest trends of Global Outsourcing Industries.
  • Quick Absorption of latest tools & technologies to speed up the work tempo.
  • Building a Robust environment comprising latest technologies to offer the best possible Qualitative Service to our Clients.

Mode of Operation:

  • Gaining exposure towards the growing requirements for valuable Outsourcing Services.
  • Process Manipulation
  • Ensuring High quality results within pre-scheduled Timeline.
  • Initiating Pro-active actions —
    • Complete Understanding of Client’s Requirements & Objectives.
    • Designing a Perfect Strategy based on Demands of the Project.
  • Process Management to embrace of imparting the skill of Executives.

Quality Assurance:

  • Considering Quality as an integral ingredient of all our Business activities.
  • Fully Devoted to satisfy our Clients continuously by:
    • Offering World-Class Outsourcing Services & Solutions.
    • Optimized Deadline.
    • Continuously upgrading parameters to ensure productivity, quality & timely delivery.
    • Constant update of our systems, skills & resources to guarantee excellent output.
  • Posses the administrative skills to meet our Client’s unique diversified requirements.

In a nutshell, our business model can be defined as: calculable pace alterations in service delivery that enhances efficiency, quality and accessibility.

Impact on Rural Zones:

Our business methodology encompasses a bit unique approach as compared to other IT service providers. We not only focus on urban skills but also keenly concentrate on semi-urban and even rural educative sectors in enhancing their skills to generate quality man power for serving various requirements of overseas clients.

rural-outsourcingSo, basically our business approach is to develop a strong network over semi-urban & rural locations, centrally controlled by our urban based Head-Quarter (HQ). That’s why we have strategically developed a strong network of several micro-centers located tactically in those regions having the population in between 10 to 50 thousands. Our each center is centrally governed by our HQ and professionally accommodated with 25-30 seats facility, operating in 2-3 shifts in order to ensure quality back end services (mainly BPO oriented services) towards our global clients with the help of our robust infrastructure. Thus we create reasonable employment opportunities among educated unemployed rural youths to generate perfect well versed workforce, manning these micro-centers.

The benefits of our unique rural BPO oriented business model include the following salient features:


  • New business approach of creating computer oriented knowledge based jobs in communities where simply no similar kind of job options available.
  • Reducing the attrition rates considerably as rural peoples are less reluctant to leave their jobs because of the given superior quality of life and better alternative option of staying at home along with their families.
  • Great financial advantages towards our global clients as expenditures at these rural based micro-centers are far cheaper as compared to our urban counterparts.