Vision & Mission – Spirit of Oasis


“Oasis Inventor” is a team of young and energetic, yet experienced professionals. We have a 20+ years of collective experience in the IT/ITES industry.


The name of “Oasis Inventor” is originated in the transparency & equity the company has developed over the past few years and symbolizes its mission: “Inventing Oasis of  Technological Expertise across diverse Industry verticals.”


Our prime motto is to ensure progress & growth through Technological Innovations which can represent us as an Oasis of excellence towards our clients.

When we talked a few years back about being able to do this we felt it was a distant dream. With the help of our great business alliances it has now become a reality.

Having over than 40 global clients, comprising small to large scale businesses, spreading across US & European markets, our story has only just begun to take a decent shape but is already proving to be a significant and prosperous journey.

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”      John Scully

Vision & Mission:

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”             — Jonathan Swift

Our Vision & Mission is very clear & straight forward. We are committed to deliver best quality offshore and back office services to our clients with the assistance of our dedicated human resources and sound infrastructure.

  • 3To be among the top service providers in our domain of expertise across global markets.
  • To be recognized as one of the most reliable & trusted business partner to our global clients.
  • To flourish vigorously & expand economic geographic boundaries by rendering skills of local talent pools to provide a cutthroat improvement towards clients.

We are very much confident that we will surely achieve this through our in-depth operational excellence and innovation.


Our quality charter is bit unique & it indicates all aspects precisely.

Quality Charter: We are always in hunt & strive to:-

  • Meet and go beyond our clients’ quality expectations.
  • Assure delivery of completed project work within client specified deadline.5
  • Derive pride and delight by ensuring our clients are in joyous mode.
  • Always try to perform better than what we did yesterday.
  • Accomplish our goal ethically and ensure lowest possible cost for the project.

Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves — to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.

Philosophy – Spirit of Oasis:

The philosophy of “Oasis Inventor” lies in enabling the most talented Indian Service Provider Professionals in Information Technology (IT) sector. Our service reflects a philosophy and set of values that distinguish us from other service providers.

We emphasizes on various intangible assets such as ——–

  • Innovation – Always think of new ideas to add value to business.
  • Integrity & Reliability – Be honest, ethical & reliable in all interactions.6
  • People oriented attitude – Performance driven people are our greatest asset.
  • Agility and flexibility – To stay live and move quickly, regardless of our size.
  • Responsibility – Feel proud in accepting responsibility.
  • Dedicated teamworkThe best work happens when individuals commit to shared goals.
  • Excellence – Raise the bar, every single time.

 We help the business owners to concentrate on what they are good at; running the business.

Our Motto:

The success combination in our business is: Do what you do better and do more of what you do best, we will do the rest.