Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Web HostingDomain is the location or the address by which users will access your website and you do need a good domain name if you are serious about making a serious impact over online. It is the recognition mark of your company, and it is where Domain-Img-2you will direct all your potential customers to. So, domain registration is a crucial part of any website development project. A domain name; chosen with discretion and prudence can assist you in promoting your business as it leads to increase search engine traffic. It should be kept simple and as short as possible so that it has less chances of getting errors and also would not be much difficult to remember. Moreover, shorter names are easier to brand, easier to remember, are harder to misspell.

Here at Oasis Inventor, we offer cheap domain name registration services to ensure that you should receive more returning traffic to your site.

Web Hosting on the other hand is the space that is provided by the web host on their servers to display the content accessed through the website. Your domain name suggests people where to find you, and hosting makes your site part of Domain-Img-3the internet, it houses your files making them available at the time when you need them. We specialize in providing effective web hosting and domain registration solutions. We keenly analyze the requirements of our clients and then suggest the solution in accordance to their utility. We assess the bandwidth requirements, disk space, data transfer requirements and high e-mail storage. After analyzing the needs of the customers we suggest an ideal solution which can be an optimal combination of services that are then manipulated to suit the user’s needs.

Steps of Registration – A Simple Pathway:


  1. Select the suitable domain to get registered based on your nature of business – preferably shorter domain name.
  2. Verify the availability of the domain.
  3. Provide us your information for registration.
  4. Pick our VAS.
  5. Confirm your supplied information again and accept our service agreement.
  6. Provide payment information.


We are specialized in delivering an easy-to-use, friendly and well affordable domain name registration services to build your successful presence over the Internet. By using our simple yet lucrative service, our customers can renew or extend their domain names easily.

Renewal & Extension of Domain Names:
Our team is always ready to help you any time and anywhere. We will remind your renewal date by call, email & sms. You can even check your expiry date by login on to your control panel. After expiry of the period, you can renew your domain name using our service at a very affordable price.

Moreover, in case your domain name is registered with some other organization, then also you can transfer it to our company and we can easily extend you registration. You can renew both on short term & long term basis in a very much hassle free manner.


Domain Security:
We take utmost care for ensuring domain name security so that it can’t get hacked and hamper your business. We come with some innovative and creative solutions that will surely help you in protecting your domain name. We can also secure the domain name by allotting you a password from the control panel as an added protection in order to protect your domain name.

Domain Names Transfer:
It is an easy and affordable process for the management under one registrar to another registrar and it should not be affected with keeping records of website, significant email and DNS. You just need to already have a valid domain under your ownership and a registrar that you want to transfer that domain to. Our team takes care of the whole simple yet lucrative procedure of domain transfer.

Why Pick Us for your Domain Registration and Web Hosting Solutions:

  • We are just a phone call or email away, whenever you need us.
  • Truly affordable domain registration and web hosting services
  • Flexibility of unlimited data transfer
  • Assured 99% uptime


  • 24×7 customer support
  • Instant Registration
  • Domain Lock
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Proven track record of serving more than 1000 customers globally

We provide cheap domain registration and web hosting solutions without compromising quality at all. We provide reliable and good quality support 24/7 along with great “uptime” rating to have the right hosting solution, which can make a world of difference. In a nutshell, we provide you with faster loading time, high availability and scalability implying the ability to have multiple servers which have greatly expanded bandwidth capacity that can easily process transitory burst requests and other traffic surges.


We have been actively involved in working with small, medium sized businesses to large corporate and have successfully handled highly technical projects that perform the best yet easy to use and manage. Our company delivers solutions that cover diverse industry verticals covering Finance, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing, and Transport etc. to name a few.

Here we always lend a helping hand in spinning your ideas into reality in a fruitful prolific way. On taking your forethoughts into consideration and understanding your sales & marketing strategies we relate our technical proficiency and ensure quality service cost-effectively.

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