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Graphic DesigningThe impact of an effective, stylish & integrated marketing campaign in making any business into a successful venture is Graphic-Img-2known to all. To achieve this, all businesses take their own unique pathway to make them visible in this competitive world, and here we just try hard to do wonders for you in establishing impressions for your company.

We feel proud to establish ourselves as an emerging graphic design company that directly meets the client brief. We ensure that the approach we develop stands out from others. Outsource your creative graphic designing services to Oasis Inventor and see your ideas taking shapes.

Our skilled graphic designers create an impressive icon, logo, brochure, and business stationery design; to bring a difference in your business image and presentation with the proper utilization of the latest technological expertise. At Oasis Inventor, we offer high-quality, decorative, and innovative graphic designing services at a low cost.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Quality Graphic Designing Services:

Our Featured Service Gallery – 

  1. Icon Design: It is nothing but the “persona” of a legal entity which is designed to accord with and facilitate the Graphic-Img-3attainment of application objectives. We are specialized in custom icon designing like – Application, Menu, Toolbar, Software identity icon designing, etc. These all help the organization to reduce bounce rates and increases conversion.
  2. Corporate Identity Design: This reflects the business philosophy, ethics & achievements of an organization and helps them to answer the questions “who we are?” and “what are we for?” Therefore its significance in this competitive marketing world is immeasurable. We design creative, innovative & distinctive logos, letterheads, etc. coping up with the diversified requirements of our diversified clients, that reflect your image, your brand.
  3. Brochure Design: Brochure design is considered to be a crucial marketing tool that can accelerate the growth of an organization by enlarging the scope of expansion as far as possible. A well-designed high-quality, innovative brochure is just like an investment for the company’s future that’s why reputed concerns invest lots of time and money over it to presentGraphic-Img-4 them over the world. On assessing your prime business motto, our creative design team creates an eye-catching brochure or catalog design that stands out from the crowd within your time limit and budget. Our brochure design packages are available for all scaling from small, medium to large industries.
  4. Logo Design: It is the first impression of your business which will make a potential customer or client. A logo reflects the company’s features and its valuable professional approaches.
    A logo is not at all a static commodity – it should modify according to your company’s proposed market alterations. To consider – the ‘ half-eaten Apple’ logo on your Apple iPod gives an assurance of quality and trust that the company has built on the consumer’s minds. So a creative and stylish Logo is very important for the company’s growth, survival, and brand power.
  5. Cover Design: We provide artistic, ingenious, and inspired cover designs for your professional CD/DVD or even just written novel, textbook, storybook, etc.
  6. Artwork Design: Our expert team of designers can convert pencil drawings and sketches to a clear and professional image by using Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Icon Icon Designing
  • Corporate Identity Corporate Identity Designing
  • Brochure Brochure Designing
  • Logo Logo Designing
  • Cover Cover Designing
  • Artwork Artwork Designing


Photo Editing – A Major Service Line:

  • Digital Photo EnhancementGraphic-Img-5
    • Density Correction
    • Color Correction
    • Color Cast Correction
    • Image Cropping
    • Removing Blemishes
    • Background Insertion/Removal
  • Image Clipping
    • Background Removal
    • Image Masking
  • Image and Photo Manipulation
    • Contrast/density correction
    • Converting black and white photos to color and vice versa
    • Adding motion effect
    • Removing unnecessary objects in the background
    • Adding highlights and shadowsGraphic-Img-6
    • Removing tattoos, pimples, wrinkles, or scars
    • Adding a sun-tan effect
    • Adjusting the brightness/contrast
    • Cropping and re-sizing images
    • Removing red eyes
    • Adjusting color tones
    • Adding backgrounds
    • Removing dots and blemishes
    • Digital slimming
    • Improving skin textures and brightening smilesGraphic-Img-7
  • DTP Services       
    • Layout designing
    • Text formatting
    • Typesetting
    • Creation and editing of technical copy
    • Multilingual desktop publishing

We invest a lot of planning into the whole process of graphic designing services so that the ultimate product is memorable to the clients which in turn make ourselves proud of our creation.

Our Competencies on Tools:

  • Photoshop CS3 Photoshop CS3 Application
  • Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Application
  • Corel Draw Corel Draw Application
  • Flash Flash Application

We are well-versed in “Adobe Photoshop CS”, an extremely powerful tool that offers several unique features like – effortlessly photo retouching, image blurring, red-eye correction with a single click, to your ordinary shots look awesome.

Our Competitive Edge:

  • Dedicated and Versatile team of Professionals – Creative, Innovative, and Experienced mindsGraphic-Img-9
  • Delivery of High-Quality graphic designing services, ensuring all deadlines strictly
  • Robust infrastructure well-equipped with top-notch software packages
  • Proven Track Records of satisfying 1000+ clients globally assure guaranteed high-quality results
  • Extremely competitive pricing for better quality output – a real bonus

Clients’ trust & admiration makes our brand a highly valued one

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  • Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream We ensure that only best brains are make into our team.
  • Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Have more than 1000 clients globally, and been able to quench their thrust of high quality work.
  • Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our CSR is an ongoing journey to create knowledgeable job opportunities among unemployed educated youths to become economically independent.
  • Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Check our DNA, you may have a droplet of our iron determination and magical work culture.
  • We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines Time is Money – so we streamline all our energies to meet client’s strict deadlines
  • Quality Reflects Our Reality Quality Reflects Our Reality Our client testimonials symbolize our true identity.
  • Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Proven track record of serving 1000+ clients globally on track to have more and ignites our strong desire of constant improvement.

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