Why Oasis

Why OasisWhy Outsource?

Outsourcing is the demand of global market. Companies do outsource their non-core tasks in order to save money, time, and infrastructure as well concentrate more on their specialized service areas. It basically offers them the impetus to gain competitive edge across global market. So, when your fellow competitors are outsourcing, what are you waiting for?

Brings a ton of advantages:

  • Highly cost effective
  • Free time to concentrate more on specialized service sectors
  • Reduce time to deliver quality outputWh-Os-Img-2
  • Get benefited with the time zone advantages
  • Able to scale up operational ups and downs neatly
  • No need to take the hiring and training hassles
  • Improved customer satisfaction with high quality and in time project delivery
  • Business revenues gear up considerably

Why Go for INDIA?

Over the years India has been able to successfully establish a culture of honesty and trust with foreign companies. The resource pool available here is truly vast, high qualified and most importantly growing continually with the access of high end technologies. Thus being a pioneer of business outsourcing solutions INDIA is now offering a wide array of services across globe.

Advantages of outsourcing to INDIA:

  • Extremely cost effective – even can cut down 60% of operational costs roughly
  • Top notch, quality services
  • 24×7 support serviceWh-Os-Img-3
  • High skilled work force at low rate
  • Well versed with latest technologies
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Lightning fast turnaround time

Why Choose Oasis Inventor?

Being one of the pioneers of outsourcing solutions, Oasis Inventor provides high quality, technology-driven solutions to a wide range of services including highly-specialized industrial domains like Automotive, Banking and Finance, BPO, Healthcare, Transportation, HR etc.

We offer:

  • Wide range of technology-driven services
  • High quality services
  • Fast turnaround timeWh-Os-Img-4
  • Extremely cost effective – easily cut down up to 60% of your operational costs
  • 24×7 support service
  • Competency on technological expertise and skill set
  • Well versed with latest technologies
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Vast BPO, KPO and Software experience
  • Able to provide customized solutions based on your unique requirements
Free Pliot Project Offer

Try our 100% Free trial project offer where you can outsource a small quantity of work to us – even before signing the contract.

Based on the trial program, you can decide if our services meet your business requirements or not. So, please E-mail Us at:

              support@oasisinventors.com   or   admin@oasisinventors.com

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