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Data ProcessingHandling bulk volume of data present in multiple formats is surely a big concern to worry for all businesses perhaps, whether it’s big or small. Divergence in variable data type and format leads to data redundancy and proceeds towards the need for data normalization. Here at “Oasis Inventor”, we are well versed at data processing services and converting the bulk volume of data from one particular format to another in a quick time and with high accuracy.

DP-Img-2Being a prolific Data Entry Service Provider, we have fine-tuned the art of viewing innovation through the lens of practicality in order to design unique solutions for our end clients. The magic of applying innovation is nothing but the ability to introduce newer logic and ideas in brand new pathways to improve business outputs without even major disruptive alteration.

DP-Img-3Our 360-degree business approach covering processing methodologies, time-bound quality delivery, business impact, and technological innovations, helps us to work collaboratively with our end clients to maximize the momentum of business opportunities and grow together.

Oasis Inventor is a global data entry service provider, powered by a solid domain-intensive technological backbone with age-old industry-leading credentials, capable of delivering technology-driven quality solutions that can easily meet the strategic objectives of our clients like – processing any kind of data, reports, journals, catalogs, and even financial statements along with converting those into a richly cohesive set of desired formats, based on our client’s diverse requirements anytime, anywhere on a global delivery platform.

Our Featured Service Gallery:

We, as a rampant data entry service provider, assist in routine official work activities to deliver hassle-free Data Processing Services at a cheap rate along with the desired accuracy in various BPO/KPO segments.

  • Our Core Our Core Services
  • Data Entry Data Entry Services
  • Data Processing Data Processing Services
  • Data Conversion Data Conversion Services
  • Data Rsearching Data Rsearching Services
  • Database Management Database Management Services
  • E-Publication E-Publication Services
  • Online Catalogs Online Catalogs Processing
  • OCR OCR Operation

Major Service Lines:

  • Data Entry
    • Offline Data Entry
    • Online Data EntryDP-Img-5
    • Book Data Entry
    • Image Data Entry
    • Data Capture
    • Data Extraction
    • Document Management
    • Copy Paste
    • Entry from Manuals
    • Catalog Entry
    • Mailing List
    • Company Reports Entry
    • Questionnaire Entry Services
    • Business Survey Entry
    • Invoice Entry
    • Enrollment Form Entry
    • Classifieds EntryDP-Img-6
    • Legal Data Entry
    • Numeric Data Entry
    • Entry from Handwritten Documents
    • Entry from Telephone Directories
    • Website Data Entry
  • Data Processing Services
    • Forms Processing
    • Image Processing
    • Order Processing
    • Data Cleansing
    • Insurance Claims Processing
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Bank Transaction Processing
  • Data ConversionDP-Img-7
    • Book Conversion
    • File Conversion
    • Image/PDF Conversion
    • HTML Conversion
    • XML Conversion
    • SGML Conversion
  • Data Research and Analysis
    • Banking Sector
      • Customer Segmentation
      • Cross-Selling Strategies
      • Customer Acquisition
      • Retention Programs
      • Recovery Campaigns
      • Delinquency
    • Telecom IndustryDP-Img-8
      • Customer Segmentation
      • Customer Affinity Analysis
      • Churn & Retention
      • Credit Risk Management
    • Retail Segment
      • Brand Dynamics
      • Category Trends
      • Out Of Stock Analysis
      • Sales Analysis
    • Insurance Section
      • Legal Disputes
      • The severity of a Claim
      • Detection of Suspicious Claims
      • CRM Analytics & Consumer Analysis
  • Database Management
    • Database Entry
    • MySql Entry
    • Data MigrationDP-Img-9
  • E-Publication
    • E-Pub Conversion
    • Kindle Conversion
    • iPad and iPhone E-Book Conversion
  • Online Catalogue
    • Catalog Processing
    • Catalog Building and Indexing
    • Catalog Updating
    • Catalog Content ManagementDP-Img-10
  • OCR and Scanning
    • OCR Cleanup
    • Document Scanning and Digitization
    • Microfiche Scanning and Conversion
    • Microfilm Scanning and Conversion

Why Pick Us for your Data Processing Services:

  • Vastly experienced in serving 1000+ clients across the globe ranging from small scale industry to large corporate
  • Qualified and focused teams against our each of our featured service areas that can understand your strategic requirements and deliver high quality, time-bound output effectively
  • Can handle any volume of the workload from small amounts to large scale conversion and processing without compromising the quality at all
  • Stringent quality control measurements to ensure high quality and almost 99.99% accuracy
  • Well versed in handling time-critical complex data capturing process through OCR (Optical character recognition) mechanism
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  • Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream We ensure that only best brains are make into our team.
  • Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Have more than 1000 clients globally, and been able to quench their thrust of high quality work.
  • Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our CSR is an ongoing journey to create knowledgeable job opportunities among unemployed educated youths to become economically independent.
  • Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Check our DNA, you may have a droplet of our iron determination and magical work culture.
  • We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines Time is Money – so we streamline all our energies to meet client’s strict deadlines
  • Quality Reflects Our Reality Quality Reflects Our Reality Our client testimonials symbolize our true identity.
  • Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Proven track record of serving 1000+ clients globally on track to have more and ignites our strong desire of constant improvement.

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