Client Testimonials


          Highly Responsive and Flexible

“Oasis inventor has supported us by providing web analysts for our anti-piracy projects. We highly value Oasis for their responsiveness and flexibility. The work with Oasis has fully met our expectations and we look forward to continue our successful business relationship.”

— Mr. Petur, Technical Director and Vice President, Opsec Security Inc, USA

         Quality Service at Superior Level

“We are very happy to endorse and recommend the services of Ayan and his business, Oasis Inventor. They have been assisting us for a number of months, primarily in the areas of web-based research, data extraction and compilation of data base content. The work is detail oriented and involves somewhat complex rules and guidelines, and their team performance has demonstrated close attention to detail, patience and politeness in some more complex circumstances, and commitment and dedication to a superior level of quality service and client satisfaction. We intend to use Ayan’s services more extensively into the future.”

— Mr. Kevin, Principal Consultant, Success Business Planning, Australia

         It's great

“Thank you! It has been great working with your team. You have always fulfilled your part best and prove yourselves as a good partner to work with us always.”

— Mr. Garry, President, Race Evolution Pvt. Ltd, NZ

         Great Professionalism and Flexibility

“We are very much satisfied with the quality of service team Oasis is providing since the last 2 years almost. They are able to meet our requests with great professionalism and flexibility. We are looking forward to have a long term ongoing business relationship with you.”

— Mr. Jack, Managing Director and Chief Editor, Woznet Pty Ltd, Australia

         Excellent Work – Highly Recommended to all

“Works well and achieves all goals set. Great communication and been able to adapt with changes perfectly, whenever required. Definitely would recommend to others, and honestly speaking, we would not be where we are today without their workforce! Thank you very much to all of Oasis team members!”

— Mr. Lee, Director and General Manager, eSale Enterprise Ltd, UK

        Confident and Comfortable

“They have become an integral part of our daily operations. We are very much pleased and satisfied with your team’s effort. Over the last 2 years, we have found ‘Oasis Inventor’ to be a good partner to work with us and proving our offshore outsourcing business strategy to be a highly successful one.”

— Mrs. Sandy, Spokesperson, Promo Marketing Ltd, Canada

        Reliable – A Wonderful Partner

“Working with ‘Oasis Inventor’ has been a great experience. They quickly learned our line of business, adapted to our requirements and has consistently performed well. They have also gone above and beyond their duty. They are reliable – a wonderful partner to have with!”

— Mr. Chris, Purchasing and Marketplace Manager, Cleverboxes Ltd, UK

        Efficient and Dedicated

“The team at ‘Oasis Inventor’ that supports our various back end operations is excellent. It consists of very dedicated and motivated individuals. They are always pleasant to work with, and are quick to learn new tasks. They have the right mix of technical knowledge and business acumen. We would love to recommend them to all. Thank you very much – keep going on like this.”

— Mr. Frank, Managing Director, Outdoor Villa Inc, France

        I am grateful and obliged

“They have proven that a small business like ours can take advantage of the great benefits of outsourcing. We are consistently surprised and impressed by the intelligence, adaptability, and communication skills of the team allotted for our work. We are now looking for other processes where we can utilize your company’s services.”

— Mrs. Kelli, Founder and CEO, Di Kelli Bridal, Australia

        We thoroughly Recommend Oasis to anyone

“We are more than pleased with the way the project has turned out, and with the overall experience itself. We have been raving about your company to everyone we know, and we will definitely be sending you more projects in the future.”

— Mr. Ty, Business Consultant, Optia Partners, Japan


        Simple and Systemized

“We chose Oasis over 20 other solutions last year and now we are VERY much impressed with the level of communication between our two organizations. We are delighted by their lightning fast response time in meeting our changing requirements. It calms MANY of the fears that we had when first entering into this agreement.”

— Mr. Ben, Managing Director and CEO, Mobile Marketing Pvt. Ltd, USA

        Great Work done in Time

“Considering the difficulty level of the sample that we sent, we would like to say that the project was very well done. Also, the turnaround time on that job was terrific. That’s why now we have signed into a long term ongoing business contract. Very much pleased with their efforts.”

— Mr. Henrik, Founder and Managing Director, Preeco Trading Oy, Finland

        Our Long Term Business Partner

“Working with ‘Oasis Inventor’ has met all the expectations we had when searching for a long-term partner in data processing services.”

— Mr. Hrvoje, BDM, PonqPon Inc, Croatia

        Very Prompt Professional Service

“We want to express our thanks to you all for you very prompt professional service, the support service you are providing is of excellent quality. In fact you are all very efficient and reliable. Well done everyone, we are very much happy that we have chosen your Company for all of our future data sourcing requirements.”

— Mr. Marek, Founder, Trade My Wheels Pvt. Ltd, Canada

        Extremely Appreciated

“We can not say enough about our positive experience with Oasis. They confirmed to our exact needs and provided us an unsurpassed level of back-end support. Your support and assistance all year has been welcomed, extremely appreciated.”

— Mr. Brian, Director and President, Jolly Odds, UK

        Proved Better than we had Envisioned

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work on our official website. It turned out better than we had envisioned. It was a pleasure working with Oasis. The rapid responses to all of our questions and requests were much appreciated. We are looking forward to work with Oasis again in the near future.”

— Mr. Mike, Director and CEO, Africa-the-South, RSA

        Pleased and Highly Impressed

“We have been very much pleased and highly impressed with Oasis Team and the work was carried out with speed and efficiency to a very high standard as expected to be completed on time.”

— Mr. Thomas, Vice-President, Computer Planet, NZ

        Grateful and Obliged

“We are grateful and obliged at the effort your sales staffs have put in to try and resolve our marketing and promotional issues. Your staffs have worked hard and it is highly appreciated. Thank you very much.”

— Mr. Nicolai, Sales Manager, Craves Design, Denmark


        Cost Effective and Competent Technical Service

“Over the past few years we were looking for an overseas web development team who is efficient, dedicated and take pride in what they do. We are fortunate enough that we have found team Oasis to ensure cost effective and competent technical service at very rapid speed.”

— Mr. Alex, Founder and Creative Director, Websolutely, Australia

        Exceeds Our Expectations

“Oasis has always been an outstanding partner on our website designing projects and truly shares our vision for visually appealing and easy-to-use web applications. Their professionalism and dedication to our goals and requirements is commendable. Not a day goes by that we don’t thank our lucky stars that we chose Oasis as our website developers. If you’re looking for a company that consistently exceeds your expectations, look no further, here is the answer.”

— Mr. Jackie, Vice-President, Web Pop Design, UK

        Good work is an understatement

“We hired your team; your professionalism and performance reliability has been one of the key reasons for us to continue using your services. Good work is an understatement.”

— Mrs. Dawn, Director, Pagan Magic, UK

        Has proven to be a Partner

“We have worked on many different projects with Oasis and have always found it possible to ensure expectations are met with out much difficulty. We genuinely understand that working in offshore has its perils, but in Oasis, you make it look all so simple.”

— Mr. Steve, BDM (Marketing) and Project-in-Charge, Hi-Tech SEO, Canada

        Really honored to do business with you

“It was very challenging to create a partnership with a company abroad. We were looking for a special team able to develop in any CMS and we found Oasis. We started working and within 2 years we implemented many web development projects using WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Zencart etc as well. We are really honored to do business with you.”

— Mr. Jared, Director and CEO, Easy Cloud, USA

        Very happy with the Service

“We are very happy with the service provided by Oasis. They are reliable, fast and efficient. They are also most enthusiastic about the work they do. We wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend them to anyone.”

— Mr. Dennis, Project Manager, Tex-Press, Denmark

        Reliable, Fast and Efficient

“Servicing such a large database and generating the interface to deliver instant result had been a top priority and it was your commitment to us. We can say for sure that we are thoroughly satisfied and will be in touch with you for any other project works too.”

— Mr. Florian, Director and General Manager, Besser-Vorsorgen AG, Switzerland

        Great amount of Creativity and Dedication

“We have been working in the IT industry for more than a decade now and for us Oasis is a splendid IT company. The big difference with Oasis is that they really implement everything about structures and processes which are quite important to get things done. And with all these processes in place they manage to maintain great amount of creativity and dedication to what they do. What we have got from Oasis is twice the quality in half the time.”

— Mrs. Jo-Ann, Events Manager, Points2Shop LLC, Canada


        Highly recommended to all

“We have worked with Oasis for many years and have found their work to be on time, professional and reasonably priced. They also respond quickly to project changes. Highly recommended to all.”

— Mr. Draijer, Managing Director, IC Hosting, Netherlands

        Oasis has been an outstanding partner

“The data uploading task you have done recently is of supreme quality. Now I have realized a stable partner in you. I am glad to appoint you as my official exclusive IT Solutions Supplier.”

— Mr. Carlos, Independent Project Consultant, Italy

        A very Dependable Team

“Oasis is a very dependable team. They are great communicators as they will communicate with you until they understands every single things, even concentrate deeply on minute details. You can trust them to perform whatever they promise. We can only hope that they can continue to work with us for years to come.”

— Mr. Craig, Manager, Estate Services – LLC, USA

        A Pleasure to work with

“Just wanted to drop a note that from start to finish we are very much pleased with the quality and TAT of each and every web researching project works they have done for us over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with Oasis.”

— Mr. Shawn, Managing Director, Orb Mall Inc, Canada

        Prompt, Accurate, and Cost-effective

“We did significant research before selecting Oasis Inventor for our ongoing data uploading project over our official website.  They were prompt, accurate, and cost-effective.  They seemed to provide an extra level of attention to ensure that they understood and delivered to our expectations. We would recommend them.”

— Mr. Sean, Co-Founder and CEO, Dealflicks, USA

        Definitely use them in Future too

“I praise Oasis Inventor, India, for their excellent job in my online web promotion service. I would definitely use them in future.”

— Mr. Karl, Online Marketing Professional, Germany

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