By Outsourcing your Projects to ‘Oasis Inventor’ can save up to 60% - 70%   Operational Costs.

Pricing of any service is truly a very sensitive issue as it incurs comprehensive understanding of the total scope of the project work. It also specifically depends on the work volume, TAT (Turn Around Time) and obviously the complexities involved in the project. And we always believe in 100% transparency regarding either pricing approach or project initiation. So, we strategically focus on few key preliminary aspects:

Free Trial Project Offer:

We believe that the best possible way to gain a firm level of confidence and get acquainted with our services is to perform a 100% FREE Pilot Project Offer. There will be absolutely NO Fees involved and you will also be under no obligation to provide further work.

Free Pliot Project Offer

Try our 100% Free trial project offer where you can outsource a small quantity of work to us – even before signing the contract.

Based on the trial program, you can decide if our services meet your business requirements or not. So, please E-mail Us at:


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Pricing Approach:

  • Fixed BudgetThis is the one of the highly preferred methods by most of our outsourcing partners across globe. Here the work volume is definite for any given project so client can easily estimate the total incurring project expense prior to start the project.
    Here we would love to proceed specifically via “Free Trial Project Offer” in order to finalize a method perfect for both project quality as well as productivity. And then we will settle down the final quote for the project approved by you.


  • Hourly ApproachThis popular way of approach perfectly suits for your high but fluctuating outsourcing requirements. Here you have the flexibility of being charged by the exact number of hours worked on your project exclusively.
  • Man Month AgreementHere our operational staffs work exactly as a virtual extension of your in-house team. Our “Man Month Agreement is exclusively designed for your company’s requirements – based on full time basis (1 Shift :: 8 working Hours in a Day, 6 Days a Week, 200+ Hours in a Month; 2 Shifts in a Day).
If interested, please feel free to contact us at:: for any query.