TranscriptionTrans-Img-2Nowadays in business world, a nonstop string of meetings, interviews, conferences and seminars are being conducted so naturally every organization senses that there is a constant need of recording these events for further analysis and review. The “Transcription Service” is the perfect answer of this constant requirement and the state-of-the-art demand signifies this perfectly.

To maintain the records of these business meetings and events in a best possible manner, professional transcription service offering companies come to serve. And exactly here we come into play ensuring highest quality and accurate transcripts in any formats. We toil hard to influence the overall efficiency and profits of our clients firm in a fruitful manner.

Our Featured Service Gallery:

Trans-Img-3Our value added services helps you to get high quality accurate transcripts, be it interview or research findings to present it to an audience in any form of publication. You may choose any one of the following services:

  1. Verbatim transcriptions – Include each and every oh, uhhm, ah and even false start made by the speaker. Trans-Img-4Mainly used by Legal and Insurance companies
  2. Screened transcriptions – Readable transcript, mainly used for calls, meetings, videos, podcasts etc
  3. Ready-to-publish transcriptions – Develop specifically based on clients requirements against speeches, conferences, lectures, seminars etc. Such transcriptions are edited by our in-house team experts to make the content more accurate and presentable.

Transcription along with any of these value added services can enhance your transcript’s presentation, language precision and subject matter accuracy.

  • Audio Audio Transcription
  • Video Video Transcription
  • Legal Legal Transcription
  • Business Business Transcription
  • Medical Medical Transcription
  • Media Media Transcription
  • Academic Academic Transcription
  • Foreign Foreign Transcription
  • Accuracy Accuracy Transcription

Major Service Lines:

  • Audio/Video Transcription
    • Voice TranscriptionTrans-Img-5
    • Dictation Transcription
    • Digital Transcription
    • WMA Transcription
    • MP3 and MP4 Transcription
    • CD/DVD Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
    • Investigation Transcription
    • Forensic Transcription
    • Time Stamped Transcription
  • Business Transcriptionchart
    • Financial Transcription
    • Conference Transcription
    • Meetings Transcription
    • Corporate Transcription
    • Interview Transcription
    • Panel Discussion Transcription
    • Market Research Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
    • Insurance Claims Transcription
    • Cardiology Transcription
    • Oncology Transcription
    • Orthopedics Transcription
  • Media Transcription
    • Movie Transcription
    • Multimedia Transcription
    • Podcast Transcription
    • Microcassette Transcription
    • Entertainment Transcription
  • Academic Research Transcription
    • Educational Transcription
    • University Transcription
    • Student Transcription
    • Lecture Transcription
    • Dissertation Transcription
    • Sermon Transcription
    • Technical Transcription
    • Telephone Transcription
    • Voicemail Transcription
    • Documentary Transcription
  • Foreign Transcription
    • French Transcription
    • Spanish Transcription
    • Bilingual Transcription

Our Transcription Team:Trans-Img-7

  • Average experience of 5+ years
  • Native English Speakers
  • Minimum Transcription experience of 200+ audio/video hours
  • Subject Experts

Trans-Img-8Transcription Process:

Trans-Img-9Why Pick Us for your Transcription Solutions:

  • We ensure an extremely high quality outputTrans-Img-10
  • Employ certified proofreaders to check the transcribed file to ensure high level of accuracy, almost 99.99%.
  • Capable of transcribing over 500 audio and video formats like .avi, .wav, .wma, .mp3, .mp4 etc
  • Well versed in handling many uncommon formats like .asf, .swf, .ape, .ogg etc too
  • Can handle any volume of workload from small amount to large scale without compromising the quality at allTrans-Img-11
  • Quick turn around time to keep up with your busy schedule
  • Data security assurance
  • 24×7 customer support via phone and email
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Over 1000 satisfied clients across globe ranging from small scale industry to large corporate
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  • Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream Our Professional Team – A Client’s Dream We ensure that only best brains are make into our team.
  • Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Client Satisfaction Is Our Customary Attraction Have more than 1000 clients globally, and been able to quench their thrust of high quality work.
  • Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our Compassion Appends To Our Passion Our CSR is an ongoing journey to create knowledgeable job opportunities among unemployed educated youths to become economically independent.
  • Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Our Dedication Symbolizes Our Intention Check our DNA, you may have a droplet of our iron determination and magical work culture.
  • We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines We Match Deadlines and Catch Headlines Time is Money – so we streamline all our energies to meet client’s strict deadlines
  • Quality Reflects Our Reality Quality Reflects Our Reality Our client testimonials symbolize our true identity.
  • Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Our Experience Galore Seeking To Add More Proven track record of serving 1000+ clients globally on track to have more and ignites our strong desire of constant improvement.

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