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How to Save Money from Salary 0

The increase in consumerism has made it very difficult for anyone to save money. Most of us rely on our salaries on a paycheck to paycheck basis. For many of us saving money can be a very hard task especially in the current economy. However, at the same time, depending solely on your paycheck to […]

History of Volkswagen 0

Company overview Volkswagen is Europe’s largest car manufacturer.  Their headquarter is based in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen was first established on 4th June 1937. At the time, their core business was to manufacture a car that was cheap enough, to be affordable to the masses. In fact, the name Volkswagen, directly translated, means people’s car (Volkswagen, […]

Opinion on Global Warming 0

Global warming is both a naturally occurring process and an artificially catalyzed process.  However, when the words are mentioned, they pull the mind towards the artificially catalyzed process.  A process so engrained in the basic human drive to want more of everything.  It is greed and social status, that has driven us, to dig up […]

Think Smart….Stay Ahead 0

Hi, have you ever thought that, “Do we eat to live or live to eat?” The same implies for ‘thinking’ as well. Isn’t it true that we exist simply because we think, and as we think so we exist? My dear friend, thinking is an extremely important attribute to grow and evolve in life. Every […]